The Gospel of Nothingness (V. 1)

by St. Terrible + Psych Mt. Revival

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queencabbage its coming up to a year from when i started to listen to st terrible, its weird its an odd sort of melancholic feeling that i get from knowing its been a year since i've started to listen to it, and hell has it been a great pleasure to listen to zach and his associates, simply because, its easily some of the best music i've ever heard, and ever will. i absolutely adore this album and the band collectively and the rest of their records. nothing short of breathtaking art. thank you. x Favorite track: Nothingness Vs. the Optimistic Spirit.
Larry Leonard
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Larry Leonard I was pretty skeptical about this album when the person who reccomended it to me also recommended twenty one pilots and scratch 21 but when I decided to listen to it I was pleasantly suprised. It's nice to hear songs that don't have the typical guitar, bass and drums setup. The use of unsual instruments such as the banjo give this record a unique sound. The throat singing on "shadows" caught me off guard but after a couple of listens I started digging it. If you're into experimental music this album is definitely worth your time. Favorite track: Shut Up the Mountain God Said (II).
Nate Burr
Nate Burr thumbnail
Nate Burr One of the best produced, brilliantly executed, atmospherically dense, and thematically impressive projects to come out of Boise since Magic Sword. The vivid imagery feels as though it's ripped straight from an art-house film. The vocal performance is remarkable. The variety in textures and instruments is stupendous. If I could buy this on vinyl, I definitely would. Favorite track: Nothingness Vs. the Optimistic Spirit.
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St. Terrible and Psych Mountain Revival.
Recorded in various basements, bedrooms and an airstream throughout the U.S.


released June 16, 2016

St. Terrible:
Zach Herbert-Vox/Gtr/Bass/Aux Percussion/FX/Throat Singing

Psych Mountain Revival:
Joey Cardella-Percussion/Piano/Harmonies/Sax
Andrew Cardella-Percussion/Banjo/Harmonies

Additional Contributions:
Sean Dahlman-Piano/Bass on tracks 3 and 8
Conor Wade-Violins on track 6
Joey Cardella-Gtr on track 5
Sam Funk-Sound Design/FX
Avery Morrison-Sound Design/FX

Recorded by Z. Herbert, J. Cardella and A. Cardella
Production by Z. Herbert, J. Cardella and A. Morrison
Mixed by Z. Herbert and A. Morrison

Thanks To (in no order):
Brenna, Noah, Scarecrow, Lion, Flolo, Steve (Wolf), Poster, K-Fed, Jonnie, Dahlman, Funk, Tibbles and Stew, Ma and Pa Cardella, Matt and Whit Gershater, The Gershater Clan, MKP brothers, Gourmet Books, Liz, Allycat, Izzy T, Cody, Jack-Knife Momma, Bman Family, Maggie the Strange, Zaft, Izze, Trevor the Onion King, All those who hosted us on the road, The inventor of Junior Mints, Ice Cream


all rights reserved


Track Name: Cosmic Nothings (I)
Behind the vastness of the universe, there is a laugh track playing.
Track Name: The Youth and Cannibalism (∆)
A love song...about eating people
Track Name: Dirty Talking With the Spirits
What that we would end up as holy horny ghosts.
Track Name: Shut Up the Mountain God Said (II)
I looked to the mountains, to the sky, to the stars, to the wild glory of it all. And to me it said "Shut Up".
Track Name: Shadows (Mouthless Yelling From the Void)
Found my love, hiding in the shadows
Pouring out my body, like a stream
Loose leaf love, and I can't quite remember
What it is or how it felt to me
And I can hear the gods off in the distance
Howlin' as they're laughing here at me
I can feel myself become the nothing
I'm pulling out, I'm bursting at my seams

Here in my love, I found my shadows

Something pulls me down and I feel nothing
Traced across my skin and thru my eyes
I'm speaking with the sound of all the mountains
Everything looks different before you die

Here in my love I found my shadows

Now it comes and now it's gone, I'm staying
Far from where I've been, it all will change
Swallow ghosts without the past or present
I believe there's something in the way

Here in my love I found my shadows
Track Name: Nothingness Vs. the Optimistic Spirit
And at the end he asked her "Which of it was really me?" "All of it," she replied, "even the parts you hated."

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