Emptiness and Other Such Places

by St. Terrible

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queencabbage i absolutely adore this record in ways i cant describe, its beautiful, its majestic, its fucking amazing. the songs sound like nothing else you've ever heard before. i frankly, don't quite understand how a human is capable of making so many incredible songs.Emptiness 1,2, and 3 is easily the best song ever made by far. thank you Zach and i hope i get to meet you someday Favorite track: Emptiness Pt. I.
Axe Murderer
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Axe Murderer Good album about the feeling of emptiness, and other such things. Good to turn on and zone out to. Favorite track: Emptiness Pt. I.
june <3
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june <3 Fucking phenomenal for a three track project. The production is clear, the instrumentals are organic while being fitting with the overall vibe of the band. While there aren't any songs like "Shadows" like there were on the previous project, the folk shines more heavily.
This project in whole is surreal, and I hope St. Terrible gets the spotlight they deserve. Favorite track: Emptiness Pt. II & III.
Nate Burr
Nate Burr thumbnail
Nate Burr A bit more mature and subdued than past releases but still retaining a grand scope and consistent narrative that carries through, with much clever imagery and thought-provoking philosophies explored.

Gorgeous soundscapes, inspired vision, and masterful musicianship.

This music project is special. Favorite track: Emptiness Pt. I.
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A note on Emptiness and Other Such Places: “Emptiness so often becomes a word we associate with death and defeat, something we might dissolve away in and be forever lost to. So we strive to move away from it, to fill and form ourselves, always attempting to “make” something of ourselves. And strangely enough, many of us become lost to this endless pursuit. We get swallowed up. We drown in the very things that we thought would allow us to rise up. In the end, emptiness isn’t the sea which the drowning man reaches out of, but rather the space he is reaching into. It is that place we forget we came from until the moment it seems lost to us. And all those things we strive to be become only moments, places we will pass through.” -z


released April 4, 2018

Recorded by Nick Maimer at Saca Studios (Boise, ID)

Zach Herbert-Vox, Acst Guitar, Synth, Trumpet, FX
Sean Dahlman-Piano, Organ, Keys
Ashton Jenicek-Bass, Sax, FX
Aaron Atkins- Drums/Percussion
Sam Funk-Electric guitar, FX
Avery Morrison- FX, Backing Vox
*Additional electric guitar on instrumental section of Haunthead/Other Places played by Zach Herbert

Mixed by Jordan Flolo, Sam Funk and Zach Herbert
Produced by Zach Herbert and Sam Funk
Mastered by Sam Funk
Cover Art by Jordan Nevins

Thanks to (in no order):
Nick, Brenna, Jonnie, Mike and Hiedi, Tashi and Kai, Kevin and Gwen, Noah K, Pia and Gerry, Gabrielle, Annette, Izzy T, Ross, Harry, Beav, Cody, Jack Knife Mama, Ryan Braun, The Spot crew, Michael Deforge, Slavoj Zizek (apparently), Bill Amaya, Karen Morrison, Jim Herbert, the game digdug, GRC, the Cooper Clan, Carissa Cooper, Connor W, Cam B, Wolf Steve, Jens, Jevins, The Dahlmans


all rights reserved


Track Name: Emptiness Pt. I
I grow tired and uninspired
as I don't know where I've been

I've got time out and I don't know how
but I'm not sleeping again

All these people, they can't be real
and I just can't let them in
To let this go

I keep changing, and rearranging
So I will 'till the end

All these feeling, they must be stealing
maybe now I'll pretend

Like a freight train, it runs thru my brain now with
with the voices of friends
Friends now gone, friends now gone

Please linger on
Track Name: Emptiness Pt. II & III
Part II:

I don't need a lot of love, need a lot of love
never have, never will, never can

Even if you are, even if you aren't, even if you can't be (well)
You can have it all, you can take it all, get away, stay away, come here, be near, watch me disappear, I was never here anyways

Maybe this time, I don't mind, that's not me, oh well
Even if it's love, could have been, should have been, would've been, never was

I can come around, put me in the ground, build me up, break me down, pull me up, push it in, suck it out, make the heart beat, make the blood pump now

Things fall apart, but come back together
we're tired of the rain, but we love stormy weather
and all of the things we've made are now broken or gone

Get into line, you've been late for the rapture
And all that you've felt, will be felt ever after
And I'd say the words, but they always come out so wrong

Father told me boys don't cry, so I'm fine, yeah this time
Make me feel alive, I can be alive, break away, take away what you've been, I could make pretend, this might be the end
Even if it is, put it in the head, the heart, it breaks apart, it's never been, it always is, it never will be now

Put me down here, I could be clear, never new the way back out
Let the edges burn, burn away, let the bones break, I could be so proud
I could take it all, have it all, give it all away, maybe someday I could be anything, now that we're anywhere

Things fall apart, but come back together
we're tired of the rain, but we love stormy weather
and all of the things we've made are now broken or gone

Get into line, you've been late for the rapture
And all that you've felt, will be felt ever after
And I'd say the words, but they always come out so wrong

Part III:

Suddenly, I'm incomplete
I never was, I couldn't be
Here, was I whole
Here, did I know

Suddenly, a thousand things
I guess I know I'll never be
Here, did I know
Was I held, was I whole, was I seen

Visions of endless desires, pour from my heart to my skin
Call me by some other name (and) start me all over again

All along it never was, I guess I'll never be
(here was I whole, here did I know)
Call me by some other name, make me once complete
(here did I know, here was I whole)

I fear it now, I fear it now, I can't see
Can you tell me how, oh tell me how, I might be
To be lovely or empty, within or without me
So strange to be changed and not know

Here am I endlessly falling, here am I endlessly wanting, that which I am never to be, all these forms that someday I might keep

(waiting right here for so long)

I make no lightness of all that I am, all that I am
Am I barely alive, blood on the skin
If I pour from this form and am not made again, will I know

(never mind)

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